Our dear Mystery Shopper from Sweden came to visit us! We became good friends!
Guess who of these 5 ladies is she? ?

Our inteview with her:

How long have you been working as a mystery shopper

I’ve been working for 4Service during three months, but in 2013 I came back to Mexico with very sporadic visits to car sales and retail stores, then again in 2016 I worked for another company with monthly visits to chains of restaurants and cinemas.

How would you describe your work style during the visits
I’m an ‘executive’, my time is equally important as the money, so when I am going to make the visits, I check places I’ll go on Google maps and I learn how much time It will take to walk/drive/bus there, then I choose which stores I will visit first. I do a lot of time management, which lets me make more visits. Now it is wonderful to work with the 4Service App, because if I make tours by bus, I can comfortably sit and work all the way back to my home. Another useful point I give to the app is using on the audits checks, because I don’t have to hide my identity, and I’m able to work with the survey at the same time I’m auditing.

Have you had unusual or funny cases during the visits 
Unusual moments always happen when I’m on tour by public transport. I did my first hitch-hiking (I show my thumb while walking) on my way to a bus station because I spent too much time on a visit I didn’t realize the last bus was almost gone. I always end up chatting with bus drivers whenever I took the wrong direction of the right bus, and that’s how I get tips from the city. I got help from one of the ferry staff to print my letters for the visits…. well, now you know why I became good at scheduling my visits 🙂

If you had the opportunity to give advice to all service companies, what advice would you give ❓
“Dear all companies, your staff is doing great, most of them work with what they know and it is not because they want you to earn less or harm you. Other´s they just lack of motivation and are not proactive, but I think if they know not only their responsibilities but until which extent they have limitations, they would be more free to take decisions whenever the person in charge is not there”.

Do you have a dream to make a visit to a certain company? Or to use a certain service as a mystery shopper ❓
Hotels definitively… or entertainment parks 🙂