Going to Japan was one of the most exciting moments that I had in my life. Though it was just only 4 months and most of the time I was in school with full of daily homework and non-stop lessons, I never lose any chance to travel around as much as I can. From my place, it’s quite convenient to travel to Kyoto, so, almost weekends, I took the train there. The most exciting thing that I have had there is exploring different kinds of foods, mainly “ramen”, “soba” and “udon”. They are extremely delicious and special. Depending on each restaurant, it has own specialty. The thing I really love Japanese that they are extremely welcomed and friendly. They behave customers in a great manner that makes all people are totally satisfied. They put a lot of their efforts into the decoration of the dishes before serving to customers. From the front door of each shop, they often hang out the banners or menus with colorful images. For sure, it’s so tempting and you can’t avoid the temptation of their food. To Japanese, they don’t like tips. Such a meaningful experience for us when getting tired of walking around Kyoto for a long day, I and my friend passed by one local restaurant for dinner. We chose ramen, it was 900yen (around 8 euros) for one serving. When done eating and getting the bill, because the prices are always shown on the menus, we left two 1000 yen notes and gave to the waiter. Then, we started to go out and continue to walk around the city. The waiter just called me and said that I forgot to get the changes. I told him to get it as a tip for his good service. I said, “No, it’s the tip for you”. He was so surprised and refused it though he also said thank you to me. I tried to persuade him to get it but I couldn’t. He is so determined and said “Thank you, but we don’t receive tip here. It’s our culture”. Well, we saw each other and felt a little bit ashamed that we should have known it before. We just said thank you to him and sorry for that. Then, he smiled and went back to work. We continued to walk around the city full of lights and decorations.