I had one wonderful one-day trip with high-school students to visit tea town in Kyoto, Japan. It’s called Uji. The town is located in one small island with only around 50 tea shops surroundings. We were total of 40 people and separated into 10 for each group. Then, we, group by group went to the tea house where we enjoyed the tea ceremony. Each of us received one ticket from one teacher. The ticket was 500 yen and valid only 1 time. Though there are also some Japanese students, all of us did not know anything about this before. First, we took off all shoes and bags. The phone is still allowed, right away I seized the chance to record that moment. We started to knee down gently. This was so really difficult because I have never been in that sitting position. We kept that position around 15 minutes. To start the tea ceremony, one qualified instructor (the host) came up, clean and prepare the teacups. It was a long process. There were also some women, but they were inside and waiting for the host to finish some steps. The women were in Kimono –  Japanese traditional clothes. The host, she did some special procedures in front of a big tea spot, then, she poured out in each small cup. She did a lot of procedures but honestly, we did not understand much. We just knew that everything should be clean and it’s kind of meditation. Before serving the tea, they gave us some sweets to enjoy. She bowed to us, and we also bowed. It is kind of respect element of the tea ceremony. The sweets are so soft and delicious. Then, they started to serve the tea and we should keep the bowl with our right hands. We put the bowl in left hands, rotate it twice in clockwise gently. One more thing that we could not put the bowl on the floor until we finish. When finishing, the most beautiful part of the bowl should be shown to the host direction and rotate twice in opposite with clockwise. The tea was a little bit bitter, but when you enjoyed it with the sweets, it was so good. The tea ceremony lasted approximated 15 minutes but it’s still enough for me to feel their warm-hearted and welcomed hospitality to customers. The thing that they paid full of attention to every single detail and made sure that every customer feels comfortable and satisfactory. It’s extremely unique and for sure, we will come back again.