Interesting and really useful interview with the Winner of the category “The most widely read author” from Sweden.

How long have you been working as a mystery shopper?
I started it in 2013 as a hobby during my free time, but it was 2016 when it started to be part of my life routine.

Do you like working in this sphere?
I love it! It makes me feel I’m a detective or a spy receiving instructions from the spy center.

Did you notice that the service in the establishment you checked earlier became better?
Yes! And that’s part of what I love, that your comments actually make a difference in the business you’re visiting.

? What is the most important criterion in service quality for you?
Common sense. You can’t be too strict in a survey when you understand that the local you visit has a problem that is not on its hands (a bad costumer for example). You can’t either rate excellent if the service you get doesn’t exceed your expectations. I’m just a “client” after all, not a supervisor.

What advice would you give to the future mystery shopper of Scheduling Worldwide?
Enjoy it! Believe you actually need that oven for your dream apartment, or that you actually are in a trip at that gas station… you’ll see how easy it is to get into character.

What are your wishes for Scheduling Worldwide?
Well, I love to travel, so of course my wish for SW is to be able to increase their market in more countries and continents and become not only ‘pocket money’ for shoppers, but a sustainable way to travel for backpackers or a full time job for those who love to work outside the office.