? 1. Avoid a close gaze ?
Any salesman or consultant will easily notice how you are closely examining the goods, price tags, store shelves, names on the badges, etc.
Try to do this as hidden as possible so that no employee suspects you. Your eyes should show that you are just viewing the store, looking for the goods you need and just watching people ?
? 2. Do not take notes in sight ?
If you need to write down the name of the employee or the details of the check, don’t do it demonstratively. The staff can easily notice this and your mystery check is doomed to failure. You can just pretend that you received a message ?on the phone and decided to respond. Take the phone and just smile, recording the necessary information This will not cause any suspicion from the staff.
? 3. Do not read the name of the employee on his badge too closely ?
This is the worst thing that you can do during your secret task – to try to look closely at the name of the employee and at the same time record his name. Remember that a detailed description of the appearance of the employee can easily replace his name