Mystery shopper activity is a process of interacting with company under the guise of an ordinary client. A secret shopper observes and evaluates the company services based on pre-designed evaluation criteria.

Criteria for evaluating the service by mystery shoppers can be different, depending on the purpose and existing problems of the company. These often include customer service skills according to the company standards, sales technique skills, staff politeness and their behavior and reactions in non-standard situations, cleanliness, location of goods on the shelves in a store and much more.
Each mystery shopping is developed individually taking into account the needs of a client.

The main mission of mystery shopping services from Scheduling Worldwide is to improve the service around the world.

In the early 40s of the 20th-century research forms were developed to track behavioral and operational performance, which we now call “mystery shopping.”

The practice of mystery shopping service began spreading in the early 1990s, as far as during that period the Internet development deeply influenced various fields of activity. It was time mystery shopping became a real tool and today it is used in a wide range of industries.

There is nothing critically difficult in performing mystery shopping job. The mystery shopper simply visits necessary place or makes a call to a company under the guise of the usual daily customer. Based on previously developed criteria for a certain company and received instructions, the shopper checks and evaluates quality and efficiency of work of the establishment.

Evaluation criteria, as mentioned above, can differ a lot: greeting of the staff, space cleanliness of the establishment, service speed, quality and taste of dishes ordered by mystery shopper, competence of consultants in the store as well as the exterior, that is, parking, location convenience, etc.

Consequently, mystery shopper evaluates not only the work of employees, their effectiveness and quality of providing services, but also the image of business: cleanliness, location, merchandising, performance and much more.

Mystery shopping is also used to check the compliance of employees’ work with laws and standards. Companies whose business is regulated by special laws, like tobacco and alcohol business, use mystery shopping service to check and ensure that employees do not sell tobacco and alcohol products to persons under certain age

Mystery shopping is a highly effective tool for evaluating certain criteria performance and accepted company service standards. Using polls of Scheduling Worldwide is reliable and effective way to check the level of client satisfaction and trust.

The uniqueness of mystery shopping service is in possibility to assess any aspect of your business, evaluate the service from a desired angle, providing you with understanding of how your team works, what service processes need improvement and how your customers see you. Our mystery shoppers are ready to offer a rare and unique insight which cannot be provided in any other way.