The new academic year is already on its way. Students and schoolchildren are preparing to be back on track to gain new knowledge and achieve new heights.
But sometimes there are mixed feelings before returning to the university or school. On the one hand there is delight in learning something new and interest_ing, but on the other hand, students are worried because of a strict schedule or early wake-up. Therefore, it is always a good idea to devote some time for preparing in advance.
There are several things that you can do to make your studies easier and prepare for the university year.

Define your goals.
Setting your goals for the year is a good decision before studies start. Try to identify the most important things and set only those goals that you can reach. Distribute them throughout the whole year, and do not forget about things from last year that could be improved. Reaching new levels or improving time management could be the examples of such goals.

Expand opportunities in the university.
Vacations and traveling are excellent opportunities to observe the environment and to reflect on how you could expand your opportunities in the process of your studies.
Internship abroad or volunteering are the things to be considered for further planning.
Do not forget to update your CV, adding the skills acquired during the previous year.

Take care of planning.
Go shopping for office supplies and other things that you will need during your studies. It will facilitate the process a lot and will serve as an excellent motivation for the beginning of the university year.


Find out what awaits you.
Very often we are worried about unknown things. We are afraid simply because we do not know what to expect. Finding out what projects and exams are waiting for you is a good way to reduce stress. If you have not received a university year schedule yet, try to ask a professor or someone from the university who can give you some information about it.

Be positive and think positively!
There is nothing more important than being in a good physical shape and have good mental health, especially if great things are waiting for you. Do not worry, it’s important to be positive and concentrate in order to achieve more success in the coming year.
A good way to overcome fears and bad feelings is to talk to someone, tell them what bothers you and let bad feelings go.
A friend or family are excellent partners for this, but if you’re still worried, it’s worth to go to a professional therapist. At any school or university, there are psychologists who work with students, helping to cope with problems and stress. Their advice and manuals will help you to cope with stress before starting the studies, as well as before the exam or any other responsible event

Be sure that if you cope with your fears and stress,  think positively and improve your mental state before the university year start, it will be easier for you at any stage of studies and you will always be on track.