As far as everybody knows – Mystery shopping is dedicated not only to improving the Quality of service in different spheres of business but to make a profit for its “agents” – Mystery shoppers. And here we would like to give some piece of advice for easier ways of earning money by Mystery Shopping.

1) Pay close attention to monitoring the hot deals with close deadlines and special offers.
You may find the best opportunities in the letters from your Personal coordinators, so keeping an eye on your mailing gives you a chance to take the best opportunity for you. If you prove yourself as reliable and professional Shopper you receive the status of Gold Shopper and the opportunity to choose highly paid visit for you by making the self-assignment.

2) Choose some difficult locations.
Why not discover new places in your country and earn good payment for your trip? Combine your journey with receiving the profit and choose some secret locations that are far away from the center of your country or heavily populated cities. These locations are better remunerated and will make your travel unforgettable.

3) Perform an auditor visits with a complicated scenario.
Whether you are a confident shopper and work for some time – you may try yourself in audits or visits with complicated scenarios. An audit may be even easier for you than a simple performs, because you don’t need to hide yourself and pretend a mystery shopper, company employees know about this type of checks and will help you at the time of your visit. You will just need to attach all signed documents and artifacts to your survey and receive the payment, which is higher than usual. Complicated scenarios may also increase the level of payment for your work and defy your skills and abilities like a Mystery Shopper. For example – the project, where you need to break all rules, sitting at the English exam. The best opportunities will also be announced at our special closed Facebook groups which we will submit in the near future.

4) Make a Mystery Shopping tours.
Do more – receive more, it is very easy. When you take a pack of mystery visits – you may usually get a nice bonus for your work. Choose locations which are close to each other and offer to take them all so you may receive some extra money for your job. Just remember that some projects have limits in quantity of visits for a single shopper, which are set by the client.

5) Fulfill your survey in time and live high-quality comments.
Excellent quality of your surveys and in-time filling helps you to receive nice bonuses for your evaluation and brings you closer to the status of Gold Shopper. Improve the quality of your work – and it will influence the quality of service and your rewards. Let us remind you about some useful tips for your report and comments:

– Tips for mystery shopper report
– How to write good Comments in the Report? Advices for Mystery Shoppers

6) Bring your friends to the company and receive the bonus. The referral program will be announced soon. Receive money for your recommendations – it very easy and pleasant to improve the Mystery Shopping community and involve more people in this activity.