What is a mystery shopper at a whole? Mystery shopper is the person, who helps to identify existing shortcomings and gaps in the service and work of the establishment as a whole for taking corrective actions in the future. If you are thinking how to become a mystery shopper who only provides high-quality reports, read the information below:

Here are some tips for writing a good report after your secret visit:

Stick to the topic ?
Becoming a mystery shopper, you are paid only for the task that you had done, so it’s wrong if you write about things that have nothing to do with this check. Such a report will be useless for the client. Remember that mystery shopper salary consists of a proper secret check and a qualitative report. A good way to check the relevance of what you wrote is just to answer yourself the question. How important and useful is what I wrote?
If you can’t answer this question, it’s likely that you should not specify these details in the report. All the details must be correct, relevant and useful.

Get employee names and product names ?
Writing a report, you need to specify the names of the employees, who served you, and who you interacted with. This can be difficult for beginners, but often this is necessary. Pay attention to the badges of employees, which often indicate their names, but be careful to remain unnoticed.
Knowing the product names will also make it easier for you to write a report.
But be careful and watch the spelling.

Do not write, but show by example ?
Instead of writing “The Unpleasant Waiter”, write “The waiter was not polite, talked to me rudely, and brought the wrong order.” Such details in the mystery shopper report will give the client an opportunity to see for himself why the waiter works bad.

Do not need superfluous details ?
A lot that you can notice during the check may not be required at all when filling out the report. For example, if you have a task to check one of the shops in the mall, you can see a filled parking lot or uncleaned garbage, but this is not interesting to the client, since he cares only about the work of his store. Providing only the necessary details, you make your report qualitative and only as the client needs.

Write full sentences ✍
Your report should contain full and clear sentences, without abbreviations and abbreviations. Try to write full and clear, but concise sentences.

Reread ?
After you finish writing the report, take a break, and then go back and read the written. So it will be easier for you to find spelling or grammatical mistakes and inaccuracies, to correct them.