When you have already got a mystery shopper job, become a mystery shopper, and completed the visit to the establishment, you have notes and all the details of the check remain in memory. Well, you have everything to write a quality report with comments!
Here are some tips on how to write comments to a report correctly:

Follow the sequence when you writing the employee names, if you know them. All clients are different, and many of them don’t need a list of all the employees who served you, so this information will be useless for them. They need quality check details and want to know what happened during the visit. Don’t fill out the comment fields with useless information in order just to fill it out. In this case, the report will be returned to you by mystery shopper companies.

The product names must be spelled correctly. Try to state the brands names clearly, not modifying them. This way you will give your report a professional look.

Write only those comments that provide valuable information and explain your answers “Yes / No”.
❌Comments such as “I went to the establishment,” or “The cafes had tables” are absolutely useless and empty.

✔Try to write as many comments as possible:
“The order was brought in 10 minutes, as promised”
“The sandwich is delicious, I recommend it to everyone”
“The sink in the WC was dirty, the trash cans were full”

✔Write the sentences completely, that is, if you have a question: “Were the tables clean?”, the answers are “Yes” / “No”. Write a detailed explanation with an example below, in the comments, .
For example “There were dirty spots on the table, napkins lay around.”
❌Avoid comments such as “The table was not clean.”

And the most important is not to copy the comments from one report to another in no case! It is categorically forbidden. Clients wait for unique reports and pay money for it. Copying the details of the visit shows to the companies, that provide mystery shopper services, that a mystery shopper irresponsibly approached to the check and didn’t pay full attention to the visit.
If a mystery-shopper makes several reports a day, then all checked establishments are in the same area, so after you send the reports, it becomes immediately clear that you didn’t make efforts to conduct the properly check. Don’t take risks, as in this case your report will not be accepted and you will not be paid money for visits.

Before sending the finished report, check the spelling. You can use a special application or program, but we still advise, even after that, to review your report yourself and to check the spelling and grammar, as sometimes the program don’t fix some mistakes .

?Try to be a mystery shopper who provides only quality and truthful information! This will help you to build a good career in a world of secret shopping!