? Select at least 15 minutes after each visit for notes on the audit. It is very important to allocate 10-15 minutes immediately after the completion of the mystery check, while your thoughts are fresh and you remember the greatest amount of service details.

? Store all data about the mystery visits in a special folder. In a such way you do not lose information about each check and you will be able to find easily the files when you need it.

? Check regularly for new tasks. We advise you to visit website more often, in order to be aware of the appearance of new assignments.

? Stick to deadlines or set your own. Find out the established terms of check and get ahead of them by setting a timeline for yourself. Put a reminder on the calendar so you do not forget about the dates.

? Use methods to memorize the details. When the employee presents himself, repeat his name, so you will better remember it. Small details can be important to your report, so do not forget to take notes during the check.

? Comments are extremely important for the report. Providing it, you give a full verification report and give the opportunity to see the full picture of what is happening during the secret check. Make sure that your comments are related to the relevant question and they are in the corresponding block.