The first my feeling while I was being in the dealership was irritation because of the searching of the parking place. There was a small parking lot, there were yellow plugs on the free parking places. I asked the watchman to put the plug out – he pointed me to the place which I could take and all the bad mood vanished. The showroom itself was roomy, fresh, there was much greenery and the cars looked very nice 🙂

I went along the cars, read information about the price and technical data. What I felt at first was grief, because I`m not great on cars and don`t understand what differences all these cars have.

I was hoping, that I would draw attention to myself, but the employees gave me a miss, took a look on me and went further. Because of my age, my appearance was not so attractive, I suppose 🙂

I sank into despair and decided to look upon the cheapest car of the first series. Magically Alexander came to me and stood nearby, waiting for the questions. He was not tiresome, didn`t ask me stupid questions but assured me that he was ready to give a consultation. I put a question about the motor and we began to talk. It was interesting to notice how changed the attitude of the employee to me – at first he was indifferent but later he became interested in me and tried to help. Despite the fact that I`m young, I have a good experience in traveling by car and I had to drive different cars – Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi L 200, Mercedes, Hyundai and so on. Alexander was not great at comparative characteristics of the cars, but he could tell me much about the BMW X5 (we came to the conclusion that I need exactly this car:). It was obvious that he was a professional in sales, is knowledgeable about the product and is a great psychologist. He had nothing to answer on the fighting words about the competitors (e.g. that the Land Cruiser – is the noisy wheeled doghouse). I liked that Alexander was tactful, kept silence and didn`t talk this car up only told me: «Get behind the wheel and see for yourself».

To tell the truth, I felt in love with the car and the service quality. I also liked the children`s room and the café, where I was regaled with the tasty tea. As people say, a straw shows which way the wind blows . I liked that I was offered test-drive, then I was told to wait for 20-30 minutes, however in 3 minutes Alexander came to me with the keys and we started test-drive.

25 minutes after the visit to the dealership I received all the credit payments per mail. Alexander called me, asked when he could call me the next time and told me, that he sent me the whole needed information per mail – it was really nice!

What was also very pleasant – Alexander didn`t foist himself on me with the questions and sincerely tried to choose the best option for me and my needs – drives across the city and long trips. My important need was economical efficiency and comfort, because my mother-in-law can`t sit in the cars with the rigid suspension.

At the end of test-drive Alexander asked me – «How do you think, will your mother-in-law like this car?»

It amused me and left me a nice impression.