Working in the service field brought me a lot of chance to broaden my knowledge and sharing from
practical cases of different kinds of services. It was very interesting that I always had a variety of
different types of customers that drove me regularly find the best way to serve them.
In a coffee time with my friend, who was working for a tourism company. He is the person who in charge
of offering to book the hostels and flights to his company customers. We had a small talk relating to how
we deal and handle customer demands. I, working for consulting company in the tax field, preferred to
response a quick and prompt answer to every request emails from customers. In contracts, he would
rather wait for some couple of hours before offering his reply. That made me feel a little bit strange
because I never did that before. In some difficult cases, I always tried to respond as fast as I could. I
asked him the reason why he did like that way. He explained in a warm voice that he often did that way
for his regular customers, those who knew him very well and often used his service. To new ones, he will
offer a different way. He believed that his customers always used his services and he did not worry
much about them. I was surprised by what he said but still listening. Although the tasks we worked
relating to service field, we had a different mindset of taking care of customers. Each of us, continuously
gave own experience and practical examples to prove what we did are right, but at the end, we did not
come to any solution at all. Even, to close customers, I never made them wait for a long time because
we did not know that if there is any other company reaching them or not. I remembered that it took all
the morning and had not finished our talk yet. It was not a debate to lose or win, due to the fact that we
knew each other very well and it was just an interesting coffee chat to share experience in offering
services. #ilovescheduling