Many of us think that customer service staff is the person who knows everything and should give us the reasonable answer when required. It seems easy to get angry or lose our control when we make a phone call to them, and he or she cannot handle our cases. We always expect that they should offer the best high quality of service due to the fact that we pay the service fee for their company, and they should have the responsibility to take care of us as much as they can. How do you think about this? Do you think that we should receive what we pay for? To me, I do not prefer any of them. I just would like to give some ideas and share some experiences that I had before while working in customer service department in one consulting company due to the fact that I understood the challenges and difficulty when working in customer service department. The first thing I would say that customers are the persons who pay the money for our company, not for us directly. However, as the employee, we have the responsibility to finish our duties and satisfy the customers. Sometimes, customers are right, but not all the time. For some people I worked before, they felt embarrassed if faced with difficult customers or just kept silent and listening until the customers finished their talk. Even they did not have any self-action to talk to customers directly. Hence, be brave to have a warm talk to customers actively and be more confident to handle the cases with customers are always effective and drive them to feel being taken care of. Secondly, you should know that as a customer service staff, he or she cannot know everything, especially for some expertise of other departments. If that person can give you the right answer immediately, it will be perfect. Otherwise, it does not matter that he or she will transfer the line to the person in charge. Be always remember that he or she has to receive hundreds of phone calls every day and for sure, some mistakes still happen. And if there are some big mistakes occurred by pushing the customer service staff, the person who has the loss directly is mainly the customer. Finally, yet importantly, customer service staff always understand what he or she is doing to meet their customers’ requirements, even it should take time. They work as a bridge to connect their company departments with customers, thus, it is really a challenging task and requires many different practical skills. That leads to that customer service staff should be respected as others. #ilovescheduling