Are you sure that cashiers are at the desk to take money? After this situation, I changed my mind.
It was a good day to do the shopping, especially when you are waiting for your holidays for so long! My family and I decided to buy some clothes and then spend a relaxing evening in the cinema. The shopping was amazing for sure; we bought so many cute things on sale!! But that’s all about good news.
Coming to the cinema, we noticed a big queue at the snack-bar. I was a bit confused because usually there are several cashiers working, but not this time. I don’t know what happened there, but the situation was awful – our film was to start in 10 minutes, but the queue looked so big that it was impossible to serve it! That’s why we decided to take our sits and then come back there again. The film started, 5 minutes passed, and I went to the snack-bar. To my great shock, the queue was still there! Can you imagine that? I don’t know maybe all these people came to the cinema in advance as they knew about this slow cashier, but it was smth unbelievable!
As a result, we all came out to check the queue several times, but even when the film finished, the cashier was still serving! I could never think that it would happen to me! So, be careful, guys, and take drinks and snacks in advance, when you go to the cinema!