Hello, gyus! For those of you who have never been in Turkey – I want to tell and show you 10 things what will be associated with Cemer in my mind 🙂

• Fleets like in “Pirates of Caribian”.

You can even get an excursion there!

• Voice from mosque from other part of city every night

My advice to people who don’t like voices in the night – don’t go to Turkey during Ramadan 🙂

• Amazing ice cream with M&M’s flavor from MCDonalds

That was just perfect 🙂

• Cats in a dining room

Big and  small, white and dark – you can find any you what, exactly for cat therapy you need 🙂

• Fruits trees


• Cats in the hotel

Even there! Like your next door man.

• Watching champions league in park

Special offer for football fans.

• Beautiful views

That’s just amazing.

• Breakfast buffet

Forget about the diet for a week.

• Cats on the beach

My precious:)