If you are traveling, I thought that you have seen some kind of live performances in the streets, subways or somewhere at least once. It could be the live music by a pianist, a group of singers or some old mean with their harmonicas and etc. Have you ever thought that why they are doing that? For earning a living, for making your life better? Yes, there could be many thoughts in your mind, but to me, it comes from their passion with the hopes of creating meaningful moments in your life when traveling, and these moments will be long lasting and unforgettable about the places you have visited.

I remember that when I traveled to Prague, Czech Republic, going around the bridge and listened the song name “From the beginning until now” of the film “Winter Sonata” performed by one young Japanese artist with his violin. At that time, I could not express my feelings. It made me remind of my girlfriend and the moments that we had together. Sometimes, we cannot realize that we have received many good “hidden services” from a strange person until we understand the meaning of their work. To me, the great service is not the thing that is called “exchange between the money we pay and something we get”, but it also comes from the simple things that don’t need require us anything. #ilovescheduling