Even experienced mystery shoppers, who have been working in the mystery shopping sphere for many years, face difficulties and issues at some stage of their work: website where you cannot find the information you need; a secret task which is difficult to complete, etc.

Many free resources will become excellent assistants in the work of a mystery shopper. You can easily download them to your smartphone and it will always be at your fingertips at the right time.

?Search for the location
If you have a manual GPS or your car is equipped with such a system, there will be no difficulties. Otherwise, you may encounter the problems in finding the right location for the visit. For such cases, ?Google Maps will become an excellent assistant. This is a popular application that provides step-by-step instructions for finding the right address and offers detailed recommendations, shows the availability of traffic and determines the time frames.
With one touch, it will provide you the necessary information on how to get home easily and quickly.

?Figures and Comments
To ensure that no necessary information about the check has been missed, it’s best to use a special application.
?Evernote is an app that will help you to make notes and comments right after visit, without missing the most important details. Immediately after the end of the check, you can easily synchronize data to your laptop. This application will greatly enhance the accuracy of your reports.

Grammar of writing
To check the correctness and grammar of your reports, use the Grammarly or Correctica applications. Just paste your text into the application and it will show and fix all the errors.

?Be aware of
To know all the news about the mystery shopping, visit the ?MSPA website, which provides the latest and most useful information. This is an official mystery shopping organization, that provides a valuable information about what is happening in this area, how to protect yourself from unscrupulous companies, and how to improve your skills of a mystery shopper.