Mystery shopping is a great way to earn extra money, while getting a lot of pleasant impressions and useful experience. But along with this you can get a mystery shopper scam company that is fraudulent and deceives its shoppers without paying your earned money.

Here are some tips to protect you from possible fraud:

❌Don’t deposit unknown checks. You can get a fake check by mail, which will eventually leave you responsible for bank charges. Beware of unknown checks.

❌Never send money to strangers. As soon as you send money and they will be discharged from your bank account, it will be impossible to return them.

❌Always remember that companies that provide the service mystery shopper pay only for the job done. Always look for companies for legitimate mystery shopper jobs on reputable websites, such as MSPA website, to make sure that the company provides mystery shopper jobs legit.

❌Always be careful. Don’t contact companies that advertise their services in newspapers, spam by e-mail. Leave the companies that require you to pay for certification, access to opportunities and the companies that guarantee a permanent job for you.

❌Keep your personal data safe. Never disclose your social security number, credit card or bank account by online or phone to an unknown source.