I enjoy going to the café Patric’s, but this time it was something unbearable! At first, the hostess couldn’t find the place for me as it was extremely busy that Sunday morning. 10 minutes later, I got my sit in a cozy place, thank you for it, guys! But the waitress disappeared as if she has forgotten about me at all. Okay, I’m a patient client! 10 more minutes later, I caught another

waitress and asked for a menu to look through. I have chosen my favorite salad and a glass of red wine to brighten up this evening. To my great surprise, I got a glass of wine in 5 minutes, but as for the salad, it looked like they didn’t want to bring it to me! I drank two more glasses, but the salad hasn’t disappeared yet. It was something strange – I could understand that situation if I ordered something more difficult like roast beef or dessert with lots of ingredients to bake them. No! It was a simple salad with a simple receipt!! Nothing extraordinary! At home, it usually takes me about 10 minutes to cook it. That is taking into account the fact that I have to wash all vegetables as I haven’t done it in advance. But I’m sure that cooks have everything prepared… I have thought so! Maybe just not this time! So, I took my bill, payed for wine, and went away. I have never come back there again!