This story comes from what actually happened to me when I came back Finland after a short trip traveling to Rome, Italy. That night could be unforgettable memory due to a mixture of bad and good feelings. My flight was at 17:15 on Wednesday and reached to Denmark around 20:10 on the same day, I just had 30 minutes to change my flight back to Finland. The 2nd flight was at 20:40 and I arrived Helsinki, Finland around 23:15. I was hurry to get to luggage station where all check-in luggage is delivered. I spent half of hour and could not find any luggage there. This was the 1st time I lost and I was a little bit embarrassed because I did not buy the insurance at all. I never buy any traveling insurance before and it went smoothly, but not for this time! I talked to the woman in customer service session, and you know it was very late at that time. She felt quite tired and I am, too. So exhausted with a long travel without a proper meal, being thirsty and hungry made me like a ‘dead man’. She asked me my information, showed me the picture of luggage samples, and said that she would try to find my luggage and directly deliver to my place. The thing is that I was going to stay here in Helsinki around 4 days and going to fly to Japan for my studying. In case all my luggage lost, I will be in the state of nothing. That is so sad although for sure, no one can promise you anything due to the fact that they also can not know where my luggage was. Then, she gave me the receipt and said that she will contact me when finding my luggage. Later in the evening at the same day, she called me but I missed her call, when I checked my phone and found one missed call from the phone number she gave me before, it was out of working hours for customer service session. Earlier morning on the next day, she called me again and confirmed the time for delivery. It was really cool and you know, I was very happy to receive all my luggage in the afternoon. I can say that she is very helpful, enthusiastic and really responsible as well. I am extremely satisfied with this service and can vote 6/5 stars if possible. They worked enthusiastically, responsibly and took care of my case professional, even to the delivery man, he brought all my luggage to upstairs, not letting them in front of my friend’s house. It was fantastic. Turning back to the time when I lost my luggage at the airport, after working with the service customer woman. I found the way to catch the bus to the city center in Kamppi, then, caught another bus to my friend’s house. It was quite late and if I could not remember exactly the time, around 1:00 or 1:30 I think. Poor me again, I took the wrong bus to the opposite side. I fell asleep on the bus, suddenly when I woke up, saw from the window of the bus, I felt a little bit unfamiliar. Oh my Goodness, again!!! Why!!! What do I need to do now? My head was empty and I felt so headache. I asked the bus driver where we were and how I can take the bus to my friend’s address. He said to me that I just sat here, and he will guide me. It was late and only me was still on the bus. Some minutes later, he stopped and told me to get on the opposite bus and reminded me not paying any ticket, told the bus driver that I got the wrong bus. I did as he told and got on that bus. Half of hour later, I came to the bus stop near my friend’s house. I imaged that I can sleep on a comfortable bed in just 10-minute walk, but my story is not ended. When getting out of the bus, it started to rain. I could not run anymore, I felt empty and walked on the street with rain. Was it cold? Yes, it was. I wear only a short and t-shirt at that time. However, I didn’t care much anymore. Finally, I was safe at my friend’s house. Through my story, I would like to say that Finnish service is very good and professional. Although they work for business, they are also very nice, helpful, and enthusiastic with high responsibility. I am so impressed with their service quality #ilovescheduling