I admit that sometimes my head is frozen that I always lose something. This continued when I lost my bus card for the 2nd time in one month, and 3rd time within 2 years. Absolutely I knew where to inform and what I have to do next. Like 2 times before, I also went to R-Kioski inside one shopping building in my place to ask if there is someone who just picked it up by chance. I asked the guy at the counter but he told me to go to another place without checking anything. So shocked to me that I knew he should double-check if my card is there or not. Last time, when I came here and asked, another person asked my card number and checked with the card-founded box behind him. I came there around 10 am when the shop was open for 1 hour. It was not so crowded. So disappointed, I went downstairs to the Info office under the market square. There I met one woman and told her my case. She asked me to give her my ID card, then, she told me it cost 10 euros. I said that if she can double check if there someone found my card by chance. She told me “No” and 5 euros for a new card and 5 for the service fee. To be honest, 10 euros is not a huge amount and I am willing to pay at once if she could explain to me first. Unfortunately, she didn’t do that. At that time, I was in a hurry because I had to go to work that I told the new one and left there. I felt that she just gave me the new card, and that’s it.