My story is about maybe the worst mystery shopper experience with the finalization of the project that I ever had. I

t was at a communication company which I attended not much time ago. The employee was very angry and very disturbed by the fact that I (the client) requested a very detailed offer for a phone and subscription. He was straight without any polite smile during the whole consulting. He proposed to me a very short offer without details. So as I said he showed me only a summary and the final price. And he put questions in a very impolite way. He asked me if I want it or not. And as it was not enough that he did not answer my first question, moreover, he asked again if I want to accept his offer or not. He was rude and without explanations, I was forced to refuse and to leave the shop. He remained at the table without asking why I am living as I did not want the visit to degenerate. The fact that this consultant had this very strange and unusual behavior for me was the most unexpected and unpleasant story maybe I ever faced as a mystery shopper or as a real client. This story was an experience, which revealed the bad behavior of the employees. Maybe those types of employees consider they have given correctly and fair consultation but the result was in general and overall bad for the company.