After a visit for four service at a pharmacy with acquisition of a toothpaste which went well I had made the return. My story is about the returning toothpaste acquisition after more than 10 days after the acquisition. The project was to present at the pharmacy shop the fact that the chain farmacy was checked by a mystery shoper in which the mistery shopper checked the cosmetician and bhought the toothpastes. All this together with a signed letter from general manager of the chain pharmacy in which was very clearly written the procedures that they as pharmacy employees had to follow. In conclusion the pharmacy employees had to return the money paid at the first visit for the toothpaste and to receive the toothpaste. But after I show and present the letter the employee said that they have to check and wait. I wait 5 minutes and said to please help me with the return but the answer was that I have to have them the ID card, name, phone number to complete some documents and to come back in other they for the money. As in the letter was clearly written that I have to receive the money immediately or as soon as possible I had to refuse and explain that it costs me a lot as I have to make this in many other shoops and I do not have time. The employe did not speak to me anymore after I asked her to respect the procedures from the letter from top management. So I had to call my project coordinator which said that they have to give me the money. Again after 5 minutes I try to speak with the employees but they were serving other clients and make me fill like a full. They did not even look at me and so I called their call centre and explain them also the situation. After closing the phone funnily they give me the money in a very impolite way and speaking rude. Interesting that in 3 out of for pharmacies I met the same type of rude and impolite employees. In those pharmacies I do not want to enter anymore. Why the employees did not know and did not respect the mystery shoppers?