I woke up with my head pounding after a great night with some friends. Miriam, my Spanish friend was knocking on my door craving for McDonald’s and she wanted me to join her. Miriam looked wonderfully fresh on her 20’s, but when you’re on your 30’s, drinking doesn’t pay off that well; so there I was, hangover, unable to ride a bike, being a “good friend”. We ordered ‘Happy Meals’ and talked about work while our order was ready… It was the first time in months I was there, and I was thinking “wow, this is a very beautiful McDonald’s”, when I start realizing that, even though it was not crowded, the floor and the tables were dirty and no one was there to keep the place clean, …it has been like that since I started living in this city. “…Are you hearing me?”- Said Miriam. “…I’m hungry and they’re taking ages!”. Then it hit me, I didn’t like to go there because the staff was terribly slow. I looked around again, tables, floors, the girl who clearly didn’t like to work there who was giving Us the Happy Meals… I took a breath, sigh and answered: “Have I told you I was a Mystery Shopper back in Mexico?”, “Uh?” – she was clueless, “A service detective, you go places and report client service to companies… It can be anything, movie theaters, restaurants, car companies, retail stores… I miss that job, it was really funny… this McDonald’s for example, really REALLY needs it”. …she look at me, then around the place, then back at me: “…so, who should I date then?”-…and just like that, we change the topic. Now you may think that I have started searching for the job after this experience, but I haven’t. I was actually scrolling down on my Instagram just one day after when I saw the post… which was kind of spooky, …or a sign? I like to think that I have supernatural powers while hangover, since I call for it; and if it weren’t because of Miriam’s cravings and the ‘bad service’ she got while hungry, I wouldn’t be here, as a “service detective”, telling this story.