As you know, mystery shopping companies should not require you to pay to become a mystery shopper, but for new shoppers it is useful to know about the benefits of certified mystery shopper.

Passage and receipt of a paid silver certificate from the MSPA makes it possible to obtain more complex and highly paid jobs of mystery shopper. One of the main tasks of the MSPA is to promote productivity, reputation and recognition of the mystery shopping sphere. Association guarantees that its members are companies that accurately measure the level of customer service and offer legitimate job for mystery shoppers, thereby eliminating a possible fraud.

? The association includes about 300 companies-members around the world that provide quality information about the state of affairs of service companies, and also give jobs to mystery shoppers.

Due to the MSPA certifications, mystery shoppers can improve their positions among other shoppers and can get better paid tasks for checks.

Such advantages are provided by silver and gold certificates ??

?Certificates are not a mandatory item for getting a job, they only allow you to increase your competitiveness in getting a tasks in heavily populated areas.

Silver certificate can be obtained just for $15, passing a mystery shopper certification test online. This program provides training and skills for more complex tasks of mystery shopping.

?After receiving the silver certificate, a mystery shopper can participate in getting the mystery shopper gold certification through a seminar with live-video, the cost of which is $ 75.

For those persons who want to advance their careers as a mystery shopper, to increase their skills and qualifications, and to earn much more money, the MSPA certificates are a very good investment!