When doing my internship in Italy, I was fallen in love with Caffe lungo, a kind of Italian coffee made by using an espresso machine and it cost only $1. The thing that I really love that it is not because of its cheap price but welcomed attitude by people there.

The coffee shop is always crowded at working hours and they offer many different kinds of delicious coffee. Every day, we normally have 10 – 15-minute break that we are always afraid that if that coffee shop is so full, we could not have enough time to come back office in time. At that time, I was quite new at the company and not really interested in drinking coffee such a short time. My mind was changed a little bit when my coworker invited me for a drink and I also would like to try Italian coffee to see how delicious it was. The first impression to me when going there that every staff is always smiling and say Good morning, Grazie in Italian “Buongiorno”, “Grazie” to everyone while they were making coffee, serving the cakes…We started to order and chat together. It was a warm chat that I feel they are not staff who were serving the coffee to me. They looked like a close friend that enjoy coffee with me and introduce me the best coffee they made. The environment was so amazing that I really enjoyed the coffee time. Even I didn’t speak Italian, I also tried to speak a little bit, they were also nice to guide me some basic Italian words with very enthusiastic attitude. Hence, I really love this coffee shop and their great service. #ilovescheduling