? Take care of clothes ?
The first thing you need to do before you go to the secret check is to determine the image of the client of this establishment. It depends on what type of establishment you are checked: fast food? Put on a simple T-shirt and jeans!
Or maybe your task is to check a high-class hotel? Then take care of the suitable clothes! It is better to choose nice dress or blouse (for women), and a good suit (for men). This is extremely important, because, even the stores of different price categories are distinguished by customers: for example, if you are the client of an expensive supermarket, you do not come there in worn old jeans, worn T-shirt and in the same shabby sneakers. And the staff understands this well and can easily differ customers.

? Be careful in communication with employees ?
In any store, service involves interaction between employees and customers. If you do not approach and do not contact the consultant yourself, then he will approach you and ask if you need his help. And at this stage you need to be very careful not to be declassified. It is important to merge with the background, that is, with the rest of the clients. If you communicate politely, speaking in the usual manner and behaving like an ordinary customer, you will not be recognized, because you will look like hundreds of other customers whom they meet every day.
But, if you say a lot of complaints, ask too many questions or your behavior is unnatural, you will be at risk of being declassified by them.

? Be patient and persistent ?
If you are not very experienced mystery shopper, these skills may be difficult for you, like any other skills, that are necessary for a secret shopper.
Patience and perseverance come with practice. You may be nervous, make some mistakes, but in the end, all of this will bring you useful experience and skills. You will acquire new skills and tricks with each new visit and new task. For example, you will learn how to take a picture? for a report, pretending to check your phone?. Or during a conversation with an employee, ask his name, if you cannot read it on the badge?. In the end, you will learn a lot about a mystery shopping, even if now it seems to you that all these tasks are very difficult for you. After several secret visits, the employees of the checked establishment will not be able to declassify you, but they will see only the results of the secret check – your expert report on their skills and service level.