This story happened in one of the shops in Krakow. I had to choose a set of dishes, since my mother had a birthday in a few days. I was in a hurry, as it was already about 5 pm. I found the nearest dishes shop on the Internet and went to search for it. I was hoping to make a quick purchase, because there was not much time left until the closing of the store, and I decided a long time ago what a gift I would give my mother – a large set of clay dishes in bright orange color of the German firm, that she so badly wanted. Finding the store, I found a large two-story building, the walls of which were completely made of light blue glass. Opening the door, I quickly headed toward the department with the sets. Finding a rack with clay dishes, I seriously set out to quickly find the right orange box with the name in German and happy to go to the cashier. After reviewing all the products with dishes, I unfortunately, did not find the treasured box. Fortunately, a consultant came up to me and asked what exactly I was looking for. Having explained the reason for my arrival and how important it is for me to find and purchase this particular set, a consultant took me to the checkout. There I was greeted by a senior consultant and explained that the products of this German brand are not available for them now, but said that I was not worried and they will come up with how to help me. Awfully upset, I was fingering in my head other gift options for my beloved mother, but nothing came to my mind. But what happened next, I was very surprised. The senior consultant, having found the telephone number of the competitor’s shop on the Internet, quickly called there and said: “Hello, do you have any sets of dishes of such German brand?” We are looking for an orange color! There is? Please, postpone for our client! Thank you! “
Thanking them, I went to that store and bought exactly what I was looking for.
I was impressed by the care and adequacy of the service of this store. Now I always recommend and use the services of this store! After all, you rarely find the store where really care about every customer!