Do you want to explore the world on the cheap? This year, experts predict the rise of travel prices, prices for air tickets and hotels. But in 2018, you still have the opportunity to trip, taking advantage of a budget trip, if you know where to go.
Despite this fact, there are the best cheap places for traveling around the world!

A beautiful country in the Caucasus. Georgia is in the top list of countries to visit because the number of enthusiastic and laudatory reviews around this country cannot be counted. This country is located on the outskirts of Europe, along the Caucasus Mountains so Georgia can offer you a lot of attractions, both cultural and natural. Also, this wonderful country is famous for its amazing cuisine and wines.
Accommodation is also cheap when compared with the international standards of accommodation prices. The hostel will cost $ 5 or $ 20, even in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

This country is very often left without the attention of tourists because it is located between such giants of the travel business and super popular locations as Thailand and Vietnam. But Laos will be an excellent choice if you are a budget traveler who is looking for something unusual. In recent years the infrastructure of Laos has been improved, making it an attractive place to trip.
Laos does not have an access to the sea, beaches, and islands, but this does not prevent it from being a wonderful choice since Laos is a small-populated, mountainous country and it has a lot of forests. It’s just a great place for active travel: hiking, rock climbing, hot-air balloons, kayaking. And do not forget that all this at the budget prices.
You can rent a cheap but comfortable bungalow just for $ 10. And if you are looking for something more expensive, you can find some beautiful boutique hotels in Luang Prabang.

Now Portugal is in the spotlight, as the tourist boom of this country is due to an amazing reconstruction, although there are some inherent difficulties. But Lisbon is still an attractive city to visit.
Lisbon is not the only one city you must visit in Portugal. Outside the capital, there is a wonderful Porto, Algarve with beaches, the old university town of Coimbra, and the archipelago of the Azores.

The country is situated in North Africa and very close to Europe. This is an incredibly budget place to travel. The small network of hostels for tourists for incredibly low prices in Morocco is growing.
If you have a higher budget, you can stay in traditional hotels, where you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant atmosphere from the Moroccan noisy streets.
Morocco is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty in its different manifestations: golden beaches in Essaouira and Asilah, incredible palaces, city squares and a variety of bazaars in Marrakech and Fez, as well as the landscapes of Sahara desert. Sahara is a magical place where you can reflect on eternity, and also try a more extreme experience – camel-back trek through the desert.

Although this country is very popular among tourists, there is still an opportunity to get a budget trip. Of course, Phuket and Samui are more luxurious places but in Thailand, there are many favorable budget resorts.
The Chiang Mai region, which is in the north of Thailand, offers many budget travels. Among the rice paddies and Buddhist temples you can find a good place, no matter what you are looking for – a hostel for tourists from $ 5, or a comfortable hotel from $30.

South Africa??
This is not the cheapest place in all senses, but it will give you the excellent impressions for money. Such exciting adventure as a safari requires a certain budget, but the prices for your accommodation and food will be cheap.
In Cape Town and Garden Route, you can enjoy an amazing traditional culture of Xhosa.
Keep in mind that airlines from Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai have cheap flights so you can fly cheaply from Europe or North America to South Africa.