Have you ever wondered why you are paid for a visit to a store or a cafe, and then you are asked to fill out a report and provide information about the establishment? Good question!
Obviously, the companies that cooperate with us are extremely interested and motivated to pay for your services, receiving quality information. Therefore, if they are motivated, then they should receive valuable data on the state of affairs in their establishments. But what is this value?

Customer satisfaction ?
Thanks to data obtained through a secret check by a mystery shopper, the company has the opportunity to find out how much their customers are satisfied the quality of the service, and then improve it if it’s necessary.
Customer satisfaction is a very subjective factor that can be measured in different ways. Also, different people measure their satisfaction level in different ways. For example, one person doesn’t like the interior of the establishment, and the second one doesn’t like the dish, because he doesn’t really like sweets.
But thanks to mystery shopping, the company receives really high-quality information about a customer satisfaction, as mystery shopper not only puts his assessment in report, but he also backs it with comments, which describe all the details of the check.

Customer retention ?
There is an opinion that companies spend much more money and effort on getting a new customer than on keeping an existing one. But this is very controversial and varies depending on the business. But still, when you have existing customers, you only need to try to maintain and improve their satisfaction. And if you don’t have clients, you need to make a lot of efforts to find new ones and maintain their satisfaction in the future.
Mystery shopping just helps to assess the quality of the work of staff, to identify mistakes and improve the service, which helps to keep the customers.
By mystery shopper checking, the company can understand how well their employees react in non-standard or conflict situations. After all, a good employee not only adheres to the rules of service of the establishment, but also knows how to react correctly in various situations in order to get a favorable result for the company in the end.
Professional staff creates an atmosphere, where you want to return, even if sometimes there are failures.

People are often inclined to tell about their lives, pastime and their new discoveries. We often advise something really good for our friends and relatives. Conversely, we give negative recommendations on what we did not like and greatly disappointed. Not to mention the profiles in social networks, which have become for us a daily routine, where we share good and not very good places for breakfast, dinner or shopping.
Using the attentive look of mystery shopper, there is an opportunity to identify the gaps and remove them quickly. Therefore, when a company pays you for check of an establishment, it protects itself from bad reviews and increases the probability of getting more good recommendations. It’s like creating a reputation, or something like free advertising.