Working at a night club wardrobe can be quite exciting, you get to be where everyone is, dance to great music and get paid for it.  The wardrobe I work-in is on the second floor just next to the dance floor, so I get to see all people’s stages from sobriety to alcoholic, and through months, I have learned to distinguish 5 general types of customers who transform their personalities after drinking the ‘juice of the youth’.  Read carefully, as you may probably fit to one of these:

The A***ole: no eye contact, they like to throw things, either the tag to get their jacket or the jacket itself and make ‘disgusting’ expressions on their face.  I like to tame their inner “you’re at my service” confusion by observing them and extending my hand to let them know they can give their stuff to me, an equal.

The forgotten: easily distinguished by the phrase “I lost my tag, and I want my jacket”.  They like to do it when it’s crowded and you’re busy attending those who actually have the tag on themselves.  If you deny help or ask to wait while attending the others, they get angry, and want to pick it up from themselves. I learn that it’s better to make sure they know it was their fault, and not mine, that it takes longer for them to get their stuff.

The chatty’s:  they’re wonderful, they visit you without purpose, dance with you on the other side of the counter, chit-chat a little bit, and they wave their hand when they’re far from you.  Being acknowledged is the best, and whenever I’m on the other side, I try to be this type of customer.

The borrowers:  they visit you often, but because they use the wardrobe as a storage room for their belongings.  They ask for their cigarettes, their credit card, their bags, cellphones etc. sometimes 3 or 4 times. Whenever there is no people, this is a pleasure, but it’s the other way around when you’re actually busy.