For those who often travel alone, booking a hostel via Airbnb or international hotel website seems wasting a lot of money. CouchSurfing is known popular and used commonly by many different travelers who are interested in packing their own package, exploring the new things, and meeting new friends. However, some of us maybe had experienced by receiving some rejections at least for initial requests. This comes from many varieties of reasons, and this article, I would like to share what I experience from CouchSurfing: 1. Be honest to express your sincere demand: CouchSurfing is the place that people can have a great chance to meet together, exchange the cultures, share experience and open more personal networks. If you think that it is just the place that you spent some nights in order to save your budgets when traveling, I am sure that it is really difficult to find the suitable hosts. Your honest and sincere demand of being a CSer is expressed based on the request you sent. If you just send them in a quick way and then, waiting for the acceptance, the miracle maybe not come. 2. Read profile of the hosts you gonna send the request: If you said to me that it takes time to read a good request, I would like to say that, yes, it is. The host will be impressed and convinced if you understand his requirements and his characteristics a little bit. For hosts with strong characteristics, they often mention very details and require you to add some Key words that they mention in their profiles. Hence, although their profiles are long, you should spend them reading through and make a persuaded request. He or she will feel being respectful. In addition, reading carefully the profiles also help you to find out which hosts are suitable for you based on their hobbies, interests etc. 3. Find some activities that the host also gonna attend: For some people who just have free time on holidays, it seems a little bit difficult to find the hosts because they are also on holiday as well. Sometimes, some hosts forgot to update their profiles and it takes time for us to send the requests in these cases. Hence, trying to find out the meetings, activities or some kinds of festivals that they gonna attend the place you intend to travel. Maybe you 4. Be patient and keep sending the requests: Last but not least, that you never give up in any cases. Be always patient and keep following up the 3 above ways to send the requests, you will find the hosts as you wish very soon. #ilovescheduling