The mystery shopper’s work is a great opportunity for everyone to earn money. Limitations in selection may be the age restrictions, as companies sometimes don’t want to take teenagers. But there are a lot of shops, where the main audience are teenagers. Therefore, each employee can find work in this area.

The next restriction in the selection may be the gender. Although, it is not pointed in the list of criteria, this may be a restriction for certain checks, for example, the purchase in the department of men’s underwear, but in this case you can play a purchase for the husband.

Lack of experience will also not be an obstacle. There are many options, where the payment is less, but not required a previous experience in such checks. Having completed about 20 inspections, a person is already considered experienced in this field and can claim a higher payment.

The huge advantage of working as a mystery shopper is that it does not matter you are studying or you are sitting at home with a child – this is no reason to refuse the additional earnings. It does not matter a higher education for this job, you just need to behave correctly in society and carry out the instructions of tasks.

The main requirements for mystery shoppers:

  • the phone
  • ability to work with PC, because the reports often are filled out and sent by e-mail.
  • the bank card to receive payment.

Nevertheless, there are some limitations, because of which a person cannot become a mystery shopper. First, the difficulties can arise in the villagers and in small towns, as there are very few business owners, who might be interested in such visits and checks. Therefore, the larger the city, the more opportunities to get such work.