Have you decided to work from home and want to find a job in customer service? This is one of the most common activities and recently many people are wondering how to start working from home in the customer service field.

Such work is attractive because it does not require a higher education and extensive experience since you need at least 6 months of work experience, but you do not need to have a special education. A set of skills for such work does not require special ones or technical training.

There are two ways to get such job: to find a remote job in a regular company and work with them. There are many companies and offers of this type, so finding it will not be a problem.
The second way is to become a virtual assistant and this is essentially your own business. Freelance can be well paid, but managing such a personal business is not an easy task.
But today let’s consider the first version of the search, that is, work in the company.

The payment for such work depends on the conditions of the particular company. Someone pays for the time when you are directly connected with them and in the process of work, others can also pay commissions. Therefore, during the interview, ask all questions about the payment, and do not forget to carefully read all the information that you receive, especially the fine print. You need to know what your pay rate is and what kind of work will be paid and which one will not. It is also worth to pay attention to terms of cooperation and notice if you will work as a company employee or an independent contractor. There is some difference in these two statuses. Independent contractor should pay taxes independently, the employee, in turn, receives his payment with the already calculated taxes.

Standards of customer service jobs from home.
Each type of job has different standards, but there are some things that you need for the remote job, no matter what company you work for:
Quiet working environment;
High-speed Internet connection;
A modern operating system on the PC;
Basic computer skills

Additional requirements may include:
Secondary education;
Ability to observe the necessary schedule and special training.

Some companies also have the limitation on the location of their remote employees.
If you become a remote employee in customer support service, you will need to have such skills and professional qualities as:
To think on your feet and the ability to make quick decisions;
The ability to easily conduct hard conversations;
Desire to help, to be useful and to bring results;
Pleasant and clear voice.

How flexible is the work schedule?
When you work remotely, you need to perform your duties at the appointed time. Your shift is fixed and you will receive payment for your work only for these hours. But you can change your working hours with each subsequent shift. Therefore, your schedule can be flexible and not tied to a specific time range.
Also, changes in the schedule are possible with each season, but the longer you work in the company, the more convenient schedule you can choose for yourself.

What should your CV look like and what should you do if you do not have the necessary experience?
Often, CV of an employee for the remote job of customer service should contain the skills in the ability to answer the questions and solve problems of clients. You need to be clever, have the ability to communicate with different people, be attentive to all the details when calling and to be effective.
You will also need a stress-tolerance when the client is unhappy, and also the ability to listen.

Your CV should contain and reflect all these qualities. Even if you do not have any of these skills, it’s especially important for you to show in your CV and in the cover letter that your previous experience is still useful for working in customer service.
If you worked with people and interacted with the public, then surely you have valuable skills. Marketing, sales, cashier work – all this is an excellent experience for acquiring the skills of customer service.

Questions for the interview.
Interviews for getting this kind of job usually consists of questions adapted to a specific position, as well as of typical questions:
Why do you want this job? Why do you want to work in our company? Why did you choose the customer service industry?
Do you have any remote job experience? How do you achieve your goals?
Are there some reasons why you will not be able to work at the specified work-hours?
Why should we choose you for this position?

There may also be additional questions:
What is good customer service for you?
Tell us about your best service experience and why you consider it the best.

Beware of scam!
Usually what seems too good to be true is most likely a fraud. The best way to protect yourself is to research the companies on the Internet. Look for feedback and company reviews. YouTube is also a good resource for finding reviews.
If they promise you the high payments for such work, you are most likely confronted with scammers. Check their Facebook to found out if someone has experience with this company.