One of the main tasks of a mystery shopper is not to be seen by the staff of the checked establishment. It’s not easy and it takes a little service experiences mystery shopper to learn how to conduct the checks without a single suspicion from the staff. Below we give some tricks of how to spot a mystery shopper, so take note on this and try to act cautiously:

Makes photos. The client who makes photos in establishment is most likely a mystery shopper, since one of the tasks of a secret visit is to provide photos or video of violations.

Makes notes. Customers who make notes are the main suspects. Each mystery shopper receives a mystery shopper checklist before the visits, the answers to which he should find out during the check: employee names, availability of products, prices, etc.

Asks too many questions. An inquisitive client who asks too many questions about the work of an employee or products and services is most likely a mystery shopper, because he undoubtedly asks many questions for making a qualitative mystery shoppers questionnaire.

Asks direct questions about your competitors. If a customer asks questions about your distributors, or compares you to your competitors – he can be a mystery shopper from your competitors.

Checks the time. If the customer noticeably checks the time on the watch, it is most likely a mystery shopper, because mystery shoppers need to fix the time of how long it takes to be served, the waiting time for the order, the time in the queue, etc.