When two the biggest phone companies in your country fight for you, they offer countless promises. There was a time when you received calls from the other company and with one “yes” you had to go to their store and change your chip with the same number. Well, I did it once, and somehow my phone didn’t work properly so I had to go to client service to fix the matters.
Once the guy “fixed” the problem and I left, but then I realized I wasn’t able to make calls to my friends. I came back and told him about it, then he promptly asked me to take a number and wait again.
I was confused, “but I have already been waiting for 30 minutes and you didn’t solve my problem even though you told me it was fine”. – I said. “It doesn’t matter, you have to wait”- he said in an obnoxious and pretentious voice. It was like he lit a dynamite inside my body. “Can I talk to the manager?”- “The manager is not here”- “Then can I talk to the person who is the manager left in charge?”- “There’s no one in charge”- he said. I then look around and saw more staff in some desks and call in a high voice. “Does anyone of you know when the person in charge is available or who’s managing this place?” – they all make a pause and look to the guy who attended me, then back. One of them told me: “The manager has a lunch time”. By that time my friends came to the store, and once they knew what happened, they started writing to an institution that worked in behalf of the customer to complain. The environment was very tense by now, people who were waiting in line started to complain about other bad service experiences at the same store, but the man who attended me, refused to help.
Out of nowhere one woman came out from a door and silently started working next to the man but in another desk. She called another number, but I got closer and asked “Can you help me?”-. Then she grabbed my phone, and started fixing it. In less than 5 minutes everything was solved. My friends came with me telling me that I only needed to go and sign the complain to the customer institution. The staff who didn’t help pretended to be busy at his computer the whole time, not being able to make eye contact and mumbling songs. I’m sure they were really happy that we left, and I was happy I didn’t spent 90 minutes as they wanted me because of other’s fault.
Next morning I changed back to my old company. #neveragain #Ilovescheduling