On spending my summer of 2017 in the luscious paradise, that is Sri Lanka. Although the country is popular for its pristine beaches, we decided to head for the hills. It was the first time travelling to Ella with friends from University. Sri Lanka, in general is extremely tourist friendly and an excellent choice for backpackers as everything is marvelously cheap.

How to Get to Ella?
Taking the train to Ella is supposedly one of the most scenic train rides the world has to offer, according to numerous articles online! Once reaching Ella, we were surprised by how many tourists were in the small town. It gave off an extremely chilled out vibe and the locals were super helpful and friendly in making sure we felt accommodated.

Our adventure started off by trekking up the famous Ella Rock which is the highest mountain in the area and it is seen as a grueling challenge by many daring tourists to climb to its peak. We had the goal of climbing the rock to ensure we were at the top for sunrise, therefore, we decided to leave at 3.00 Am! Little did we know that how uphill the climb was, I recommend finding a guide because it’s extremely easy to get lost off the path! As we went higher the views became more breathtaking, pictures couldn’t do justice what our eyes could see.

Some additional things to do whilst in Ella:
Little Adams Peak – If Climbing Ella Rock was not a big enough challenge for you why not push yourself further and climb a second mountain that is a little easier than Adams Peak!
Demodara Nine Arch Bridge – One of the most iconic bridges in Sri Lanka, known to be one of the best examples of British railway constructions when Ceylon was a colony of the British Empire.
Ravana Falls – A mammoth waterfall that is a popular sightseeing attraction in Sri Lanka. It is ranked to be one of the widest waterfalls in the country.
I would highly recommend to the highly adventurous backpacker to consider Sri Lanka as your next destination, moreover to keep Ella a must-do on your bucket list!

(Please feel free to hit me up if you are interested in planning a trip to Sri Lanka as I would be more than keen to suggest additional places to visit in the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’!)