My story about service is not from adventureous vacation, but from vacation during which we moved my mother in law from one flat to another.

As she lived too high to climb every day for 65 years old woman, we decided to buy her a new flat and move all stuff (inluding furniture) to a new place. It’s obvious, that such a job can’t be done by one person alone, that’s why we chose one company in the Internet offering moving services and asked for help.

Why we chose them? They sent a nice simple message for us on their page:

“If You choose us YOU WILL BE: happy, satisfied, overwhelmed.

While working WE WILL BE: professional, fast, dedicated, honest.
You know what? They were!”

Honestly, I do not remember when I was so pleased (satisfied) with the service I got. Whatever service.

Young men in special uniforms drove in with two brand new black shiny vans with company signs. All polite, diligent, and – what is very, maybe, the most important – accurate. The whole day I didn’t see anyone standing or talking.

All things were packed and wrapped in special soft textile. Furniture was accurately dismounted, disassembled and assembled in a new place. Moving process was perfectly planned and organized. Everyone knew his tasks and role in a team, worked without unnecessary brakes – guys saved our time and money (the service was hourly paid). No scratches were done.

We planned to finish moving in two days. Finally it took six hours (from 9:00 to 16:00 with one hour lunch break) to finish the job.

We were so amazed, that if the bill had been 50 percent higher, we would have pay it with the smile and without any regret.

People in Lithuania are not changing their homes often (some never do that). Therefore it is even more important to have good memories from the move.

With the great charm I am telling this story for my friends, and must share this experience with you too.

What is the name of the company? Kraustymo komanda.

Asta Šidlauskaitė-Verbickienė