It was my first experience of visiting an atelier, located next to my house. It has opened not long ago and hasn’t got its patrons yet. I was almost sure that the service wasn’t high there, but I had no other variants to choose. So, I opened the door with a bell and was amazed at first glance. Most ateliers and workshops in my town are small, even tiny, and can’t boast of a good sense of taste, offering just ordinary services and making money on them. That’s it. I see their point and sometimes even feel jealous of them, but this place was completely different. You know, it’s like opening a door in a fairytale then all things are flying and a funny song is playing! Of course, I exaggerate, but atmosphere was amazing here: bright fabric pieces on the table, hangers are lying everywhere, sketches of some clothes – this small chaos seemed so lovely and creative that I did want to order my dress here. While I was looking at this stuff, I haven’t noticed the owner of this atelier. A young lady with cute, almost red hair in a wonderful dress! I described what I wanted and she answered with a sincere smile that she knew what to do with my dress. I relied on her and was very surprised to see my ready-to-put-on dress. It looked like a true evening dress from some fairytale – I could never imagine that it’s possible to sew such a lovely dress! #ilovescheduling