?Never pay money upfront to become a mystery shopper. If you are faced with a mystery shop company that asks you to pay before you start working in mystery shopping, it is a signal that the company wants to get money from you and never contact you after.

?The convenience of working in mystery shopping is that you plan and build a convenient schedule for yourself. Therefore, if you are offered a full-time job, a basic rate, or a permanent job every day, it’s worth thinking that this company is most likely a scammer.
Also, never take risks when you are promised to pay before a mystery visit.

?View MSPA website, which is a regulating organization in the mystery shopping sphere. On their website you can find a mystery shopping company list and draw conclusions about which companies are legitimate and which are scammers.

?Check out the mystery shopping forums. Although they are not an official source, they are informative and there you can read about the experience of other mystery shoppers.

?Get more information in social networks. Such social networks as Facebook and Instagram will allow you to find the companies of mystery shopping easily and read reviews from mystery shoppers who had an experience of cooperation with them. Based on this, you can draw the right conclusions. Also, where you will can find real mystery shopping jobs.