Today, to become a mystery shopper in the mystery-shopping world is very easy. There are many companies that offer mystery shopping services. But since the mystery shopping industry is developing and growing every year, you can face an illegal and unscrupulous company.
Here are some tips on how to find legit and best mystery shopping companies:

Conduct a mini-research? For this, the Internet will be a perfect assistant. There you can find the companies specializing in mystery shopping, which are looking for people for mystery shop to establishments.
Check out their website and social networks for feedback and comments. Make sure that this company really exists and effectively performs this work.
Remember that the legitimate mystery shopping jobs don’t pay you for the fact that you work for it, they pay you only for secret visits.

The best solution for you is to visit website of Mystery Shopping Providers Association and find there a list of mystery shopping companies of this association.
Also, the association offers to pass a paid certification to improve your qualifications as a mystery shopper. But you don’t need to pass the attestation in order to simply find a company and work with them. In their database there are only legit companies that have a certificate.

❌ Better avoid the mystery shop companies that:
? search for mystery shoppers through the newspapers in the “Help” section or by emails (spam).
? require a payment for certification.
? guarantee everyday work as a mystery shopper.
? require a money for accessing the section with possible visits.

If you witnessed or, unfortunately, became the victim of fraud in mystery shopping, contact the state authorities with a complaint.