It was so confused to get my trip started, but, to tell the truth, I wanted it most of all. To begin with, I have never been abroad before, so I felt a bit exciting about being in another country for several months and what is more important – about my language. You know it’s like practicing it for about 15 years − at school and then at university – and still feel that foreigners won’t understand me. I was almost right, but the situation was a bit different and I experienced my first problem at the airport.
Being arrived at the airport, I was asked to show all documents. A common procedure, you may say, but not to a person who was in a shock. At the customs, they started to ask me about my goal of visiting the USA. And here I felt real problems in talking. You understand the person (it was a surprise to me!), but can’t make up your mind to answer correctly, just a mixture of words!
That would continue for long, if not one girl in a queue behind me. She offered her help saying that she is a professional interpreter and can just translate our conversation to one another. How I was glad to meet her that moment! She helped me really! Several minutes later, we were sitting in a café and talking. She gave me some really useful tips of coping with the language barrier and I can definitely tell you that they work!
That is how strangers are helpful sometimes!