With 2 friends we decided to go for vacation in Austria. 3 hours flight plus one hour waiting because of delay plus one hour arrival prior to take off. Here we are 7 o’clock in the morning in an empty airport in Thessaloniki with coffee and luggages waiting for the departure. 2 hours after we were sitting inside the plane and waiting impatiently for the announcements. Unfortunately by a check in mistake we couldn’t sit together, instead I had to sit in the back of the plane far from my friends. As you imagine this was nothing compare to the excitement and happiness we felt for the upcoming week. A hostess helped me to find my seat and a middle aged man greeted me with a big smile while I sat next to him. He was an extremely big person so had partially to sit on my seat, which was uncomfortable but I could tolerate. And here we come on the air. I could see the clouds and the sky bright and beautiful. A noise interrupted my thoughts. I turned and I saw my fellow passenger sleeping and snoring. The noise was becoming louder and louder. I looked again outside the window and then I realised. The flight is 3 hours. I think I looked like a cartoon. What will I do? What can I do? No time for thoughts. A bad smell appeared to my nose. No cant be true (denial phase). The guy was farting. Oh my god I wanted to cry. The plane was full, no salvation, no way out. Then came the announcement from the pilot. ” The weather is bright and we expect to land on time at 12 o’clock”. I looked at my watch and it was 9:05. At 12:05 I was out, the flight was over and an Austrian hostess was greeting us. My friends were laughing, but I was relieved. I bought a coffee and I decided that I will double check my tickets next time.