?Mystery shopping services play an important role in the success of any restaurant. In today’s highly competitive world of restaurant business, it is very important to be on top, offering the best dishes, providing an excellent staff service in the clean, beautiful and cozy restaurant.

Customers of any restaurant want to receive a high level of service and the perfect dishes, regardless of is it a high-class restaurant or a fast food. Only in this way clients will come back to you again and again.
But the goal of restaurant owners is not only repeated visits of their customers. Qualitative service also entails a bonus in the form of advertising, as satisfied customers will certainly recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. So restaurants will receive free advertising word of mouth.

Restaurant management should be interested in the opinion of its customers not only about the taste of dishes, but also about how the staff met them, how quickly they were served, how comfortable and clean the hall was, and if the order was prepared correctly and on time.

In this regard, you, as a mystery shopper, can help the restaurant business to get a high-quality and detailed feedback, which they need for the improvement and eliminating the mistakes.
Restaurant mystery shoppers get paid just for giving a detailed information about the service at the restaurant.

Thanks to mystery shoppers for restaurants, restaurants get an increase in sales and increase customer satisfaction, which leads to repeated visits. And this is all because a mystery shopper provides a quality information about the restaurant’s work, which is as a guide to action to improve its performance. And mystery shopper receives a compensation after sending a restaurant mystery shopper report.

You need to visit the restaurant, as ordinary shopper and no one of their employees should guess that you are a mystery client. Some questions of mystery shopper checklist for restaurants:

How clean are the halls of the restaurant, tables and dishes❓
How you were served by the hostess and the waiters❓
How quickly was the order brought and was everything cooked correctly❓
Was the dish tasty❓

…and other details.

✍After the completion of the mystery visit, you will need to fill out a simple report by writing your observations and comments, and receive your compensation after.