I’m not the lover of new big stores as I always feel confused in them, but that time, I had to visit it in a foreign country as my car was broken and I was on the road. While I was waiting for it to be repaired, I decided to go to the store and buy some water and braking fluid in advance. I opened the door and the store seemed extremely huge to me. So, I decided to solve this problem from the very beginning. I asked the assistant to explain me the way to the automobile section. It was easy to remember – just several sections to go through. I started my way, but got lost completely in several minutes. Oh, my God! How could I do it? I tried to find the way out, but it worsened the situation. Then I saw another assistant, but he told that he worked in another section and couldn’t help me to find the braking fluid. That moment, I noticed a man moving somewhere with confidence. I decided to call him. He stopped and moved to me. I explained him my problem and, to my great surprise, he went to the same section! That was amazing! We bought everything in the automobile section and then he showed me the section with water. Besides, he assisted me in finding cashier desks!! I was so glad that I met him. Tom, you rescued me, I swear! I wish everybody to find such helpers in bad situations! #ilovescheduling