I made a visit to the bank for the company “4service”. I went in the bank, had a consultation and asked all the needed questions. I knew for sure, that a visit to this bank takes place only once a month and except me, nobody was going to visit it this month.

The Sales Assistant answered all my questions and was going to print the offer. While I was in the office, there was also a young man, who was asking about the mortgage services and was really active. He left and the employees started to talk over: “That was the Mystery Shopper! I understood at once that that was the MS!” The other employee answered: “Yeah, I agree, I understood that that was the MS, too! I`ve told you!” They have totally forgotten about me and didn`t pay any attention on me.

It was really funny!!!:)

I knew that he was not a Mystery Shopper because I was the MS =)