I am a traveler and so I spend all my free time by revealing new countries for myself. Ever y time I go to a new country, I check if there are interesting mystery shopping visits. So, the story happened this summer. I took part in regatta, called Tall Ships Races 2017. Our team consisted of 10 people and we had to be on one yacht for a week. For this time, our yacht has touched at a port in Sweden just once. I have a tradition, according to which I checked if there were exciting mystery checks to do. Lucky me! There were lots of them!! Stop at this port was going to be a short one to get the yacht ready for a further route and so there wasn’t an opportunity to be away from the board. First of all, I went to the captain and told him what mission I was going to complete. The captain was enthusiastic over my idea and he liked it. By getting an approval, I could go ashore and perform all needed mastery shopping visits I planned. Coming back to the yacht, the team has already prepared the ship to the competition. Talking in advance, I must say that among 57 yachts which participated in regatta we took the second place!!! It’s a great victory for us! This story reminds me how the team work is important. Thanks our captain for his trust! #ilovescheduling