If you travel a lot or often go to work in different cities and prefer to stay in hotels, then you certainly know well what quality service in the hotel industry is. Therefore, you may be interested to become a mystery shopper for hotels.

?Hotel mystery shops is that a special guest visits the hotel, and then provides a feedback and information about customer service, staff work, room cleanliness and availability of necessary items: bed linen, towels, shampoos, soap, etc.
At the end of the checked visit to the hotel, mystery shopper makes a detailed report and provides it to mystery shopping company.

?It is also possible to visit and do a check at the hotel without leaving your city. This means that everyone has the opportunity to earn extra money at a convenient time.
This is a great way to combine with your main job, since a hotel mystery shopping jobs are a part-time jobs.

?Mystery shop hotels is an excellent opportunity for their owners to find out what their services lack and what areas need improvement. For example, for hotels, the work of the staff and their attitude to visitors is extremely important, so mystery shopper, receiving this customer service experience, gives his impartial assessment, while remaining in the guise of an ordinary hotel visitor.

?Mystery shopper gets his payment for check after submission of the report. Often, the report consists of simple and understandable questions regarding the staff work and the service of the hotel as a whole.

Mystery shopping hotels is a large and growing industry. With the help of secret checks in hotels you can get an interesting and unusual experience, and an extra money or compensation for your stay in the hotel.