Our Secret Customer tried to attract shop-assistant’s attention and to get some advice from her, but wasn’t successful. Would you like to know who helped our Secret Customer in the end?

The shop-assistant asked what I needed the phone for. I explained that I would like to give it as a present for my mother. She specified if I would like to have the Internet access and the sensor on the phone and asked about the sum I would like to spend and after that she put 3 phones in front of me and went away to talk to other customers.

While I was studying the phones the shop-assistant gave advice about the SIM card to other customers. For the next 15-17 minutes I made a lot of attempts to attract the shop-assistant’s attention asking questions about the phones but everything was in vain. She served those who were in front of me in the queue and behind – but not me.

After some time I saw an old friend of mine entering the shop. He has never worked for this shop but was either a regular customer or knew shop-assistant very well. He asked about the purpose of my visit and willingly helped to chose the most suitable.

The shop-assistant asked him to clarify all the details and functions.

And his advice was the one I liked! Could I estimate his work?